Who is behind Casta?

Roberto Tittarelli is the designer of Casta: fond of music since a child and hi-fi since the age of 13.

Roberto Tittarelli

However he had to wait until the age of 18 before hearing about the horn for speakers that he came across thanks to the specialized catalogues for speakers; this is all because hi-fi magazines at that time still snubbed this technology, considering it relegated only to the professional sector.

So his capacity to look beyond gave him the possibility to be ready at the early stages of the new millennium, when the French and Japanese underground music lovers would have considered the horn speaker as an important hi-fi instrument worthy of dignity so as to spread this new theory throughout the world.

At the age of 20, the musical theatre tradition of Jesi had its role, which, in the fertile ground of his passion for sound, triggered a strong reflection on listening to it in its original form, and therefore on how he had to reproduce it with his brainchild, just like the performances in the Pergolesi Theatre of Jesi, so true and great.

The Italian style Casta was emerging as a balanced style, since the point of reference was the beauty of live music.

Between sound and work, then, comes the meeting of Maura Scuderi, who is also passionate about music and has a technical and theoretical thinking because she is an electronic engineer, with whom to share, among other things, the study of horn speakers and other components for high fidelity.

Maura Scuderi

And so, while all the other designers “were playing with mini-loudspeakers," Roberto and Maura were refining the application of study of this type of speaker.

Casta speakers have been created as high efficiency loudspeakers with the exclusive "Zero Compression Direct Front Loading" technology, that has been made especially for medium-low power amplifiers.

These systems represent the only case of horn speaker with a deeply clear and natural tone.

Date Updated on 14/12/2018