Casta ELETTRA is shown in Hong Kong.

Elettra at Audio Exotics
Casta Diva che inargenti
Queste sacre antiche piante,
A noi volgi il bel sembiante
Senza nube e senza vel.

Tempra tu de' cori ardenti,
Tempra ancor lo zelo audace,
Spargi in terra quella pace
Che regnar tu fai nel ciel.

The great sound of a concert at theatre, in tone and dynamics, in your listening room.

Made in Italy speakers

Casta Acoustics makes horn speaker systems because this way there are three great advantages: high efficiency, constant directivity and ease of driving.
Since today's commercial horn speakers are fit to be used essentially in high power systems, Casta Acoustics designs, makes and therefore uses its own drivers, so that the sound coming from a horn system could be absolutely linear, transparent, natural.
Casta speakers have been created as high efficiency loudspeakers with the new exclusive "High Speed Woofer" and "Large Format Waveguide" technologies for the best realism ever.
These systems represent the only case of horn speaker with the same clear and natural tone of a direct radiation speaker.

Updated on 20/05/2019