Columbus line

Frequencies It’s the smallest high efficiency full range speaker in the world: this means that it includes the low frequencies too (small speakers are available, they are usually single driver, also high efficiency, but they don’t go down in frequency).
Membranes Membranes are made of ultralight paper, in tweeter too, in order to obtain a fast, dynamic and transparent sound.
Structure System structure is just the one typical of a two way passive speaker, plus an active subwoofer, all inside the same cabinet.
Installation The particular technology used for low frequencies allows a perfect matching with environment even in case of placement near the wall or in a corner: Columbus matches perfectly with any rooms.
Event There are very small phase rotations which allow a perfect reconstruction of the sound event in space.
Amplifier Columbus series is characterized by a very easy load, so that any kind of amplifier can work at its best, without concern about the matching.
Look The look is sober and refined, suitable for elegant ambiences or minimalist listening rooms, in any kind of installation.

Reference line

Horn “Zero Compression Direct Front Loading” technology ensures low distortion, absence of fatigue in listening and absence of all the typical faults of horns (like, for instance, the nasal sound).
Sound The ultralight diaphragms are able to follow quickly and faithfully the musical signal: this results in an excellent microdynamics and in an amazing transparency of sound.
Efficiency Casta Reference high efficiency ensures high dynamics and perfect matching with high quality low power amplifiers.
Dispersion Constant dispersion at all the frequencies allows the same frequency response of direct field and reflected field, so that matching with environment is very good.
Image The top series offers a sound image extremely corresponding to the reality, thanks to the constant directivity property: you can listen to a real orchestra as if you were at a theatre.
Drivers Crossover is characterized by a low slope: this allows an optimum matching among the three ways, avoiding definitely any disharmony due to an imperfect design.
Components The use of few components in crossover ensures the maximum transparency: indeed each component puts some distortion, therefore a small number of components means minimum distortion.
Impedance An impedance everywhere over 6 ohm allows the use (with a great result) of low damping factor amplifiers, that is to say: great matching with tube amplifiers too.
Wood Reference systems are made of birch plywood: this particular choice leads a perfect control of resonance in the space of cabinet.
Ambience The refined and elegant look in such high end speakers allows their comfortable placement in any kind of ambience, from the sober to the luxurious.
Date Updated on 16/10/2017